January 28, 2016

About Us

Precision Curbing is Fargo-Moorhead’s premier decorative concrete curbing business, serving the FM area and surrounding communities. We specialize in colored, stamped concrete edging that can give your home’s landscaping a modern, luxurious look. Call us today for an estimate.

Jamie Appletoft and Matt Diede, owners of Precision Curbing, bring years of experience to every job. Our small, highly-skilled three or four-man crews keep overhead expenses down in order to keep your cost as low as possible. Let us come out and give you a professional estimate, including a custom design plan for your new concrete curbing.


Concrete Curbing FAQs:

  1. How long does concrete curbing installation usually take?
    Precision Curbing can usually get the entire job done within one day. Depending on the size of your yard, size of your garden, how many trees you want done, etc., it may take more than one day, but we will be able to discuss that while we are there doing the estimate.
  2. What kinds of concrete curbing designs and colors do I get to pick from?
    Precision Curbing offers 100% free color and stamping with every cement curbing installation. Unlike other companies, we do not charge extra for this, as we believe it is a part of the product. We offer roughly 50 different colors, 10 different stamp designs and four different molds to style the concrete curbing.
  3. Will my yard get ripped up during the concrete curing installation?
    Absolutely not. Precision Curbing does not use any heavy machinery during installation. The goal is to enhance the beauty and curb appeal of your property, so we take extra care to not damage your yard or any other landscaping features already present.
  4. What advantages does concrete curbing have over other landscape options like paver bricks or plastic edging?
    Curb appeal, pun intended, is the biggest advantage. The uniform, professional look of decorative concrete curbing stands out much more than do-it-yourself jobs with bricks or pavers.
  5. What do I have to do to get ready for Precision Curbing to come install concrete curbing?
    At most, if you already have landscaping rock in place where we will be laying down the concrete curb, you might have to pull back the rock a couple inches to make room for your new curb. In most cases, there’s nothing to do other than schedule your installation day.
  6. How long does concrete curbing take to set or cure?
    We tell customers to keep kids and pets away from your new decorative concrete curbing for at least two days, maybe more depending on the weather forecast. After your curb has had time to dry, we will come back to put on a coat of sealant that protects your concrete curbing and adds a final, slightly glossy look to the finished job.
  7. Do you put rock in?
    By request, we will include installing landscaping rock to your estimate. Typically, we will try to schedule rock backfill on the same day we return to seal your concrete curbing.

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